Choosing The Right Product For Conditioner-Only Washing

Just any conditioner won´t do, otherwise you´ll end up with limp, oily hair. For conditioner-only washing you need to look for a product that has: 

  1. No film formers : These ingredients can´t be washed off without detergents. They will coat the hair with a thick layer, weighing it down and making the hair dull over time. (ingredients causing product buildup).
  2. short & simple ingredient list
  3. Preferably with glyceryl cocoate, then it works like a gentle shampoo.
  4. Preferably cheap, since you use more of it you would use if you were using a shampoo.

Tip: a simple way to test your conditioner for "lightness" is dabbing a little on your fingertips, rubbing, placing them under water. If the conditioner washes of instantly, without slickness, then it's probably light enough to use instead of a shampoo !

   It can often be hard to find a silicone-free conditioner. I´ve often had more luck with the cheaper products, tucked away into the corner of the bottom shelf.

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Sources: motowngirlLaboratorium Urody

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