My Beauty Top Ten for 2010

Of all the things I tried, these are the tricks & products that I have loved most this year:

10. Finger combing: a friend told me that if I want more curls, I need to stop combing and just detangle my hair with my fingers. It works !

9. Discover Mademoiselle: So this brand doesn´t exist anymore, but I find their bras on Ebay from time to time. The gorgeous low-cut bras are perfect for not so firm tear-shaped breasts.. Pssst: The Lingerie Store is selling the rest of DM stuff for rock-bottom prices. They don´t have anything in my size anymore, but maybe you´ll find something.

8. Crystal Deo: Works, doesn´t cause armpit breakouts, and has no smell of its own, and it´s healthy.

7. Facercise: It totally makes more sense that facial aging is due to sagging facial muscles, and not just less elastic skin. I haven´t been doing much of the exercises yet, but I plan to !

6. Sleep-bun: Sleeping with my hair on top of my head gives me crazy volume all day.

5. Colon Cleanse: More on this soon, when I´ve assessed the effects.

4. Plopping: more curl-enhancement ! This works on dry hair as well: I scrunch with flax seed gel, plop, and I have effortless beach waves.

3. Mineral make-up: So I´m still waiting for my package from Lumiere with powders and brushes to arrive, but the samples already blew my mind away. Perfect skin that looks really natural, even from up close ! I´ll definitely be writing more about this, and put up some photos.

2. Microfibe cloths: Finally I can exfoliate without damaging my fragile capillaries ! Also, they kick the a$$ of cotton swabs at removing makeup.

1. Flax seed conditioner: For giving me volume, softness and frizz control. And all that without any product-y feel ! Ok, so I knew about this since ages, but this year I´ve become an addict. 

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