Before the year is over...

* Try this guide to designing and living out your Ideal World. Download it here.

* Get rid of any makeup you haven´t used this year. If you can´t bear to throw it away, put a sticker dot on it. Remove the sticker the next time you actually use the product. Anything with a dot still on it at the end of 2011 goes.

* Do an annual review.

* Plan what you will wear on new Year´s Eve, right down to shoes and makeup.

* Ok, first plan what you will do on NYE, if you haven´t already. I know I haven´t !

* Call up the friend that you´ve neglected this year.

* Go through you undies drawer, throw away anything that you´d be embarrassed to be seen in on a (hypothetical) first date. make it quick, just 5 minutes of tossing !

* Take a photo of yourself that sums up the year.

* Write a "this year I... list", with all the new things you tried, all the things you´ve accomplished or you´d like to remember.

* Plan three fashion changes for 2011. Mine would be: 1. create a winter wardrobe (I have tons of gorgeous summer stuff, and almost nothing to wear the rest of the year), 2. be more adventurous in mixing stuff that doesn´t "go" together, 3. Get some shoes that actually work with my clothes.

* Make your peace with 2010, and everything that went wrong / you did wrong. It´s over, you did the best you could, that´s it !

* Have fun !  Dance ! Sing ! Breathe !

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