Now is a great time to... shop for Christmas ornaments !

Not only is everything Christmassy at least half price off just after Christmas, but you might actually remember what you need. Me, I´ve been forgetting for  the last 3 years that I need a set of white LED lights for the tree until I´m actually decorating it. As soon as I pack the tree away, I have no recollection of which decoration I have and which I need. Right now I have the full inventory of my decorations in my mind, and I know exactly what I need.
   Today I´ve been running around town and getting some red glass ornaments, because I already have some but not enough to have an entirely red tree.  What I actually wanted were snowflakes like the ones Benita has (see photo on top of post), but no luck ! I´ve been coveting the snowflakes after I saw this and this, I love how they are so delicate and more wintery than Christmassy. Drool. This in not the first time I´ve been drooling over Benita´s stuff, I have been know to go ape over these spoons, which are now happily living in my kitchen. I think that it´s my tiny subconscious way of coveting her impossibly white, organised, Zen and yet very real home.

    The clothes stores are already trying to seduce me with sales, but I know from experience that it´s best to stay away from them till the real sales began, way after the new year rolls in.
     The time between Christmas and New Year is a weird time, it´s like the end of the year doesn´t count so it doesn´t matter what I do. What do you guys do in this time, if you have some days off (like me) ?


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