Should you try Conditioner Only Washing ?

CO washing is especially recommended for these hair types:

* For curlies
           because detergents dry them out and create frizz. Very highly recommended for tight, kinky curls.

* For wannabe-curlies
           that´s people with wavy hair which can be almost straight or curly depending on the weather, the mood and factor x. Because detergents kill curls.

* For anyone with dry hair
              especially for those with dry ends. Because detergents dry it out even more.

* For oily hair 
             where the oilines is caused by harsh detergents. Ingredients like SLS irritate and dry out the skin, making it produce too much oil. Often switching to conditioner-only washing calms down the skin and brings the oil production to normal.

* For dandruff
                  if it´s the skin´s reaction to harsh detergents.

     Of course everyone´s hair is different and you won´t know if this method works for your hair until you try !

     Remember that you need at least 2 weeks for the hair and skin to adjust to this new washing method. Choosing the right conditioner is key ! More on this in tomorrow´s post.


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