Mirrors a lady needs

I´ve been attracted to mirrors every since I was a child. I find something magical about being able to see the reflection of my body, and even the emotions in my eyes. I adore changing rooms with mirrored walls, where you can see countless copies of yourself.
Mirrors have been an important style tool for me, because I have no mental image of what I look like. I constantly need a mirror to tell me how an item or a colour looks on me, without it I´d be completely lost. And yet I´ve had longer periods in my life where I lived with only a small face mirror. I didn´t find this freeing, as I sometimes got nasty surprises when I saw myself in changing rooms, like the time I had been wearing a dress with a low-cut back and had no idea that my sunburnt skin was peeling off.

According to my humble opinion, every woman should have these mirrors in her home:

* A full-length mirror:
The most important tool in putting together outfits. Only a head-to-foot mirror can tell you what you really look like, and whether the skin on your back is peeling. Make sure you´re not buying a skinny mirror (tip: it will make horizontal lines curve slightly), and put it in the spot with the best light.

* A magnifying mirror:
For applying makeup, tweezing out unwanted hair, and admiring your breakouts you really need something that magnifies. I recommend 3x to 5x magnification. I did have a 7x for a while but I ended up returning it because that much magnification distorted the image, and it tired my eyes to look into it. If you can, get one with little light bulbs around it, it´s amazing what a difference good lighting can do.

* A flattering mirror:
This would be a medium-sized mirror, in a spot in your home where the light is bright yet diffused. You´ve seen these mirrors sometimes: they are the ones that always make you look radiant and rested. I used to have on outside my college bathroom, it was old and scratched, but it made me look amazing. It was the best mood boost ever.
Just buy a quality mirror (maybe a decorative one, so that it doesn´t look random hanging on your living room wall) and carry it around the house, testing the light.

* A last-check mirror:
This should be located right at the exit of your home. Here you throw a glance at yourself to check your hair and outfit before you go. We often see ourselves in the bedroom mirror only with a part of our outfit on: shoes, coat, scarf hate etc are usually put on near the doorway, and we never see how all this looks.

* A pocket mirror:
Apart from needing to fix your hair and makeup, you won´t have to let someone else poke around your eyeballs trying to fish out that bit of grit. At least for me  this is the main reason I need to be carrying a pocket mirror with me at all times. I have a visiting card sized mirror which is very flat, and fits into my wallet. A slightly better quality glass means less distortion.

Do you love mirrors ? hate them ? how many do you have at your home ?

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