Tip: always use shoe inserts

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I read this tip from some stylist on some blog... (I can´t for the life remember who it was): always wear shoe inserts. As it happens, I had several pairs of shoes that I didn´t wear much because they didn´t feel comfortable. My feet had been spoiled by my summer sandals that have a soft, cushioned bed ---  I could walk in the the whole day and more (and I often did). In comparison, they made every other shoe feel as if it were made of stone. Especially a cute red vintage pair of slippers with a hard, unforgiving bed.

   So I went to my local Deichmann, straight to the inserts section. Turns out it was bigger than I thought --- there were all kinds of inserts, from leather to charcoal to gel to lots of other stuff I don´t remember. And the descriptions didn´t explain what was the difference between them all. So I did what every self-respecting blogger does --- declined the saleswomen´s offers of help, and went home and googled it. Unfortunately I didn´t find a guide to sole inserts on the net.
   So I swallowed my I-know-better-cause-I-googled-it pride and went back to the store. I told the saleslady that I want something that would make my ballet flats actually wearable (seriously, who would have though that flats could be less comfortable with heels ?) She gave me a couple of soles to try. In the end I was solemnly  promenading down the store with a different kind of insert in each shoe.

   I ended buying something rather similar to this. Soft, cushiony, slight arch support.  They stayed put in the shoes (as compared to those annoying rubbery jelly ones), and they allowed me to actually walk in my ballet flats without them trying to slip off with every step.

    And I ended up wearing these inserts with every closed shoe I´ve got. (Yes, the same ones. Yes, I should probably stop being cheap and treat each pair of shoes to its personal inserts.) They make everything much more comfortable.

    Anyway, next time you´re at a shoe store, convince the saleslady to let you try on some inserts. Ask her which ones she recommends for the shoes that you are wearing. You might become a convert.

   Do you wear shoe inserts ? Do you have any favourite type ? Does anything similar for sandals exist ? Do you feel uncomfortable when asking the salesperson for advice ?

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