Why do G+ bra cups push the breasts apart ?!?

Many ladies with cup size around G+ (but sometimes even H) complain how most bras push their breasts to the sides. Stanikomania wrote a really interesting article, with these photos of the same bra model in two different sizes.:



Remember, this is the same bra model, only the size (and colour) is different. So... why does the 34K look like a cradle, while the 34G lies flat ?

34G:      When the breasts are big, they take up the entire front part of the ribcage. So it makes sense for the underwires to end in the center of the armpit. Ladies with breast between D and GG usually have no major problems in fitting themselves with a bra so that it lies correctly.

34K:     The cups are so broad that they take up more of the band than it´s back part. This bra would fit only a woman with a tiny back, and a breast under each armpit.
It´s true that big breasts usually have a broad base, still, they are always in the front of the ribcage !

The 34K bras look it's made for a woman that looks like this:

A real big-breasted woman looks like this (boob size slightly exaggerated ;-) 

The problems that come with this:
  • The underwires pokes, presses & pinches
  • The breasts are pushed apart, to the sides
  • Underwires are too broad, and the part of the bra under the armpit is empty

But the band should stretch !

   You might argue that the band stretches, so it should be enough for the back and the sides. And the cups don´t stretch, so they will stay in the front. Right ?
Unfortunately, this is what happens if you try to stretch the band: the underwire stretches along with the band.

Look how the underwire stretches !

This is how it looks like when worn: The line marks the place where the breast of the model ends. Here is another example.

Bad construction or wrong size ?

   You might say that the problem would be solved if the model would wear a bigger band and a smaller cup. Unfortunately, a smaller cup is too shallow, and the breasts escape out of the top of the cups. A longer band is too loose to support the breasts.

Where lies the problem ?

    The bra model is wrongly constructed. When making a bra in bigger sizes, you can´t use the same pattern and just scale the measurements to a bigger size. The entire construction should be re-done. Or rather started afresh.

     Here the problem is that deeper cups are at the same time too broad. The underwires are too flexible. It is  the fault of the bra designer,

     Alod read: which bra models and brands are better, which are worse.

Photos by Marisella & Kasica. Thanks !    

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