All About Sports Bras

Why wear a sports bra ?

    If you are doing a sport where you don´t move much (like Pilates or Joga) you might not need a sport bra, or you could just try the old trick of wearing two bras on top of each other. But if you are jogging, doing aerobics or anything else that makes your breasts bounce around a lot, you definitely need a sports bra. And this is why:

How should a Sports Bra fit ?

   Sports bras have to keep the breasts immobile, so they slightly flatten the breasts. If the size is well-fitted then it´s not a negative unhealthy flattening, for it presses on the breasts equally from all sides. You do get temporary armpit rolls though.

Which size ?

    Calculate your correct bra size here. Buy your sports bra is the same size you would a regular bra, unless the model has an unusually tight / loose band, or big / small cups.

Which bra ?

    Not every "sports bra" is supportive. In this case you usually need to go for a good brand and spend slightly more. But don´t make the mistake in thinking that an expensive sports bra has to be good. Google for reviews !
   Bra support is often graded, from lightly supporting bras for mild exercise to extra support for running and Krav Manga. However, I recommend always going for the highest level of support --- that way you don´t risk bounce and stretched tissue.

Bra straps chafed your arms ?

   You are wearing a bra where the bra band is too loose to support the breasts, and you have made the straps bear up the weight. Another giveway: bouncing boobs.

Other things you want to look for:

   It´s up to you to decide which of these criteria is important. It´s hard to get everything in one bra, so do choose your priorities.

* Underwires: sports bras with underwires usually give better support and shape. If the model is compatible and the size is correct, the underwires will not chafe.
* Breast shape: Many bras squash the breasts together giving you a mono-boob.
* Drying time: If you need the bra to dry by the next day, google reviews that talk about the bra´s drying time.
* Looks: Some of the bras can be worn as a cropped sports top, other look simply like underwear.
* Moisture wicking: This is for those in hot climates and for those that perspire a lot while working out. You´ll need a bra that transports the moisture out, instead of feeling like a wet towel. Again, google for reviews.

   Coming up: some specific sports bra recommendations !


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