Reasons I Love Thee, Gossip Girl

    I have been on a weeks long Gossip-Girl marathon, till I ran out of already-released episodes. I started having withdrawal symptoms from just having to wait a week for the next episode, but it turns out I´ll have to wait 6 weeks...  No, wait, please don´t do that to me !!

    Weeks of staying at home with a torn ligament and I was so bored that I started looking for my next guilty-pleasure series. I wanted something light and fashion-y, like Sex and the City (which I loved-hated --- loved Carrie, her clothes and the friendship the four share; hated the job-interview approach to dating and finding love, and Mr Big (am I the only one he reminds of Mr Bean ? ) ). I tried watching Desperate Housewives (seriously, one whole season of DS has as much plot content as one episode of GG), but I almost died of boredom. Then Mad Men, but the sexism irritated the heck out of me.  When some forum suggested Gossip Girl, I was afraid that it would be a typical teen drama with little high-school problems, as cutesy as Blair´s bows. But Blair´s bows turned out to be camouflage -- she is more spunky, edgy and mean than her outfits betray, and so is the show.
    Gossip Girl is edgy, fast-paced and addictive, with enough glitz and glamour to keep me happy. These teens are very privileged and independent, and the storyline is often more "grown-up" than SATC. The characters are more complex, the story has much more twists. Then there are more sparks, passion and head-over-heels love. Although there is no nudity or explicit talk in à la SATC, it´s actually hotter and naughtier. There is also plenty of humour and self-parody, and the actors clearly have fun.                                                                                                                                                                  

Chuck and Blair are hands down the best (and most addicting) part of the show. You hate them as much as you love them -- they are heartbreakingly romantic, and they are some of the most flawed, destructive and selfish people ever. They are a bit of 'Dangerous Liaisons', of 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Bonny and Clyde'. I relish watching them plot one another´s destruction almost as much as I delight in their moments together -- whether the devastatingly passionate and romantic ones; or the ones where they plot the destruction of the world.  I can´t remember the last time I´ve sooo wanted two TV characters to come together. The chemistry the actors have is amazing, you can see the sparks flying even when they´re just saying a casual "goodnight".

The razor-sharp wit. Especially Chuck & Blair´s duels.

The vintage touches. Masquerade balls. Blair´s wardrobe. Pearls and corsets. All the touches of nostalgia generously sprinkled in this trendy, fast-paced New York lives. I especially loved Blair´s old movie dreams and the gangster-film like assassin game.

The fashion ! There is eye candy for everyone. Serena that just throws something on, messes up her hair and looks fabulous. Blair who is always styled, coiffed and accessorised to perfection. 14-year-old Jenny whose style morphs from mini-Blair to gothic glam. Lilly who is elegance personified, with amazing chignons and jewelry that make you wish you were 55. The men are not far behind, especially Chuck. Granted, everything is couture and very expensive, and I do miss the crazy styling of Patricia Feld, but anyway this show is a delight for everyone that loves clothes.

I´m the it girl does a fashion break down of every episode (warning: spoilers !)
You know you love fashion does very very detailed breakdowns.

Dorota. Especially Undercover Agent Dorota. It´s also funny since I understand her occasional outbursts in Polish.

The music.
    Instead of a background score, GG uses bits of songs ranging from well-known hits to new artists. I discovered some great songs such as Embers, and squealed as I heard great favourites like Crystalized during a great scene.

    That said, the show does have it´s weaknesses. The plot is often contrived, and I´m seriously wondering whether at the end of season four there will be any characters left that hasn´t hooked up (or tried to) with all of the characters of the opposite sex. Season 3 was boooring (except for the little Chuck-Blair moments). And Serena is getting more and more annoying in every new season, which is a pity since I loved her in season one.
    Still, I remain addicted, and can´t wait for the series to resume.

    What´s your favourite TV series ? Do you like Gossip Girl ? Any other recommendations for me ?

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