What´s On My Bathroom Shelf


  I´m revealing the all-natural and partially DIY contents of my bathroom shelf. I´m not really good at being regular with my routine (and this from a beauty blogger...) so I don´t actually use all of this every day. 

* Self-made shampoo: recipe and ingredients via Hobbythek. This shampoo is very gentle, and has turned my hair from oily to normal. Currently I am not using it a lot, because I'm trying out conditioner-only washing.

* Alverde Rose-Hibiscus Conditioner: this is what I use when conditioner-only washing. It's not ideal, but I like it a lot.

* Flax gel: that´s my leave-in and mousse. Oh, and it´s technically in the fridge. I apply it after washing my hair for volume and conditioning, or I scrunch it though dry hair for instant volume and beach waves.

* Face cleansing oil: my personal blend is about 20% castor oil, with Jojoba, and a few drops of lavender and rose essential oils. I´ve put the recipe *here*. I use this as a makeup remover (with a cotton pad) as well as a regular cleanser (light massage with fingers).

* Body oil: 50% wheat germ, 25% jojoba and 25% almond, and the contents of a capsule of vitamin E. Oh, and whatever essential oil I´m loving at the moment (right now it's rose).

* Used coffee grounds: my body scrub. I don´t use it on my legs as I have spider veins, but it´s amazing on the thigh and bum !

* Alterra self-tanner: I use this in the evening when I want a little colour the next day. It´s never given me streaks, and the colour is very subtle. It´s meant for the face, but I use it on my body too.

* Jojoba oil: this is for the ends of my hair, or as a light moisturiser. Jojoba oil is very light and non oily, it gives a slight glow.

* Essential oils. Me any my guy share a whole collection of these. I add them to almost all of my DIY cosmetics. Some of them I use directly on my face or hair ends (lavender & rose are gentle enough for that).

    It´s sometimes funny when a friend comes over and asks for a hand cream, and gets handed a jar of oils. In other news, we actually have sun today ! Does this mean spring will be coming soon ? I hope so, but then I get all nostalgic and wish for one last snow fall...


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