Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How To Fold A Bra

    That´s it, more or less. If you have a box that is about as wide as the folded bra, the bras will stay neatly lined up. I use the narrower Skubb boxes from IKEA (except mine are red and white). Shoe boxes work as well.

      Featuring Panache Tango II.

Photo by Eternal*Voyageur


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  1. Can molded up bras also be folded in this way without causing the bras to lose their shape?

  2. Yes. I do it all the time with my molded bras.

  3. This is a somewhat related question: which kinds of bras are better? molded, lace, etc...?...

  4. mintylotus, I recommend soft underwired bras. Soft bras follow the natural shape of the breast instead of making the breast mould itself to the bra (this distorts the breast over time). Soft bras are especially important for the breasts to regain their shape and firmness after being kneaded by bras in wrong sizes. Underwires help in keeping the breast tissue inside the bra, and offer more support.
    Moulded bras and padded bras can be worn when the outfit asks for it, but everyday bras should be soft.
    As for the material -- whatever you are comfortable with. I love lace myself, and all kinds of pretty fabrics as long as they don´t scratch.

  5. Hmm, what exactly do you mean by "soft" bras? As far as I've seen, they generally don't have wires...unless I'm looking at the wrong thing P:

  6. Soft bras mean non-padded and non-moulded bras. It's possible that some manufacturers use the term for wireless bras, but I don think that's the proper term.

  7. These days though a seamed bra is called "molded" whereas a foam bra with a "molded" cup is called "contour", by the bra manufacturers. I didn't understand this until I saw some comments on BGB clearing it up.

    A soft-cup bra is a non-wired bra. A molded bra is a bra that has a shape to it, whether through seams or through a shaped polymer cup. And a contour bra is the type with foam.

    I really prefer seamed bras and I wish Ewa Michalak had more of them. I have had contour cups before, but seamed cups are more flattering, more comfortable, and more light-weight and durable.

  8. Priscilla
    Big thanks for that comment, I wasn't aware of the difference. I have a question --- what is BGB ?