The Shape Of Your Breast And Bra Sizing

According to Ewa Michalak you have to consider the shape of your breasts when picking a bra.

If they look like:
UU – most probably the cup indicated by the calculator will be fine;
00 – the cup indicated may fit but you may need a cup size bigger one; 
OO – you definitely will need a bigger cup size by one or two cups;
VV – the indicated cup may fit, but you may need a smaller one;
W - the indicated cup will be too big, you’ll need one smaller by 2 or 3 cups; 
Source: BFCidade

   This makes sense, because after all the tape is measuring only across the center of the breasts, and so the bra size calculator doesn´t take into account the volume of the entire breast. 

     How far is this chart is correct ? I can´t really say, as I am the owner of UUs, so no size adjustment for me. I´m guessing it´s more of a general guideline than a firm rule. One thing I´ve noticed is that the firmness of breasts can change the fit: unfirm breasts compress easily, and often need up to one cup size less than the calculator says.

   What do you think of breast shapes & cup sizes ? Do these guidelines hold true for you ? What about the cute Thai poster on the top ?

Photo via itchy fingers


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