DIY Microdermabrasion with Micronised Corundum Crystals

    I got a small packet of white powder with one of my cosmetic swaps. The label said something about exfoliation and I was disappointed, because my fragile capillaries don´t allow that. The girl who sent me the stuff explained that these Corundum crystals can be used by everyone, even those with fragile capillaries. I tested the crystals and am very pleased with the effects. Corundum is going to have a permanent place on my bathroom shelf.

   Corundum (aluminium oxide) is the second hardest natural mineral known to science. Micronised cosmetic Corundum is used in microdermabrasion at cosmetic salons, but you can easily use it at home. This is not as effective as a professional microdermabrasion (where Corundum is sprayed on the skin with high pressure), but it is a big step up from typical scrubs. It is also much less hassle than Almond peels and the like.

    Microdermabrasion is very different from scrubs (mechanical exfoliation): think sandpaper -- the coarser ones scratch stuff and the finer ones polish stuff. The powder used in microdermabrasion is very very fine: so fine that when I rubbed some between my fingers I couldn´t feel any sharpness. But my facial skin does sense how sharp the stuff was. Immediate effects are: fresh & bright look, clean skin and pores. Long-term results include reduced fine lines & superficial scars (especially fresh ones), smaller & cleaner pores, less blackheads, reduced redness & ageing spots.
       Other advantages ? Corundum doesn't contain harmful chemicals and isn´t get absorbed into the skin. It has bacteria-killing properties that fight acne. It can be used on Couperous skin (that is red or reddens easily). It´s also inexpensive and small quantities suffice for a very long time.

   How to use:
   Mix a teensy amount (pinch) of Corundum with a dab of moisturiser / water / cleansing gel / hyaluronic acid / yoghurt (it doesn´t seem to work well with oils). Scrub face, neck and decollete with your fingertips using small circular movements. Avoid the eyes, lips and irritated skin ! Wash off with water. Repeat once to twice a week.
  For your first time use a lower concentration (high moisturiser to corundum ratio), scrub gently and only for a short while. Lots of people underestimate the sharpness of the crystals and scrub long and hard, ending up with raw or irritated skin. After you have tested it out once or twice, you can use higher concentrations and scrub longer / harder where needed.
   Warning: don´t use it on an acne outbreak, otherwise you´ll be spreading the infection to other areas of your face.

    What you apply on your face afterwards will be absorbed more easily, so this would be a good time to apply a serum (I use PHA acid) or a cream / moisturiser with active ingredients (vitamins & the like). Do not use an alcohol based toner for two days after microdermabrasion. And remember that your skin is more sensitive to the sun -- so do it in the evening, and use sunscreen the next day (and the winter months are better than summer).

    As I still haven´t used up my Corundum packet, I haven´t shopped around for more. I´m guessing DIY cosmetics websites might have it, and I would look on Ebay as well.

My Corundum crystals had an expiry date on them which surprised me so I asked a chemist about it -- he said that as a mineral mined from the earth Corundum doesn't expire -- the date is just there due to legal technicalities for cosmetics. The same goes for activated charcoal.

     Have you tried Corundum ? Or professional microdermabrasion ? Ever received an unexpected freebie that ended up being a cosmetic staple ?


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