Comfortable Heels for Fussy Heel-hating Feet

    I just wanted to introduce you to a pair of pumps I love very very much.

   Actually it´s not this particular pair I want to talk about, but about the brand. It´s not verey day that you find really comfortable heels, so I wanted to share ! You see, I am a girl who love how heels look like but can´t wear them. Not even the low, broad ones. 

    I love how light and airy heels look. Besides, shoes with heels are almost always more dainty and feminine than flats. It´s not fair !
    As much as I love heels on store shelves, I hate them on my feet. I have given them a fair chance: I read all the online heel-walking manuals and watched some videos, but whenever I put on heels I regretted it. I hate the way I have to place the entire foot flat on the ground. I hate the slight wobbles in the ankle area. I hate the way I can´t run to catch be bus or escape the rain. I hate it when my feet are more tired than the rest of me when I get home.
   I grew up barefoot (not always, but a majority of the time) and this means I feel uncomfortable with shoes that interfere with my movements. Besides, I dislike the idea of my shoes dictating how far I can go. Or making me walk slowly and take small steps. I need to get places and often fast, often while carrying a lot of stuff.

    Anyway, after futile searches for elegant shoes that I could actually wear and like, I stumbled onto the brand Rieker Antistress. The brand specialises in shoes that are comfortable and pretty, and they get it right.  I have had two pairs of shoes from them -- one were flat booties, extremely comfortable. The pumps above are my new favourites (they are called Mirjam). These pumps have a flexible sole, are very light, and the heel is very stable (it´s 4cm high, which is high to me). The entire sole is very cushion-y and the whole shoe feels slightly elastic. The tip is pleasantly roomy, but not boxy (as many "comfortable" shoes tend to be). I have walked in them for hours and even ran in them (both on cobblestone streets) so I can personally vouch for their comfort.

    A friend told me that the Tamaris Antishock shoes are similarly comfortable, but I haven´t tested them yet. Rieker also makes nice walking shoes which look perfect for travelling -- very sturdy and comfortable but also non-ugly.

   Have you tried either of these brands ? Do you know any other brand that makes pretty and comfortable shoes ? Or are you the kind of girl that can wear anything ? 


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