More Bras I´m Loving Right Now

HM Granatowy Motyl from Ewa Michalak. Till HH cup. 
I adore the flirtatious butterfly on the left strap.

Daisies for the spring: HM Stokrotka from Ewa Michalak. Til GG cup.
I have a feeling that the photos totally don´t do it justice.

Vienna Latte by La Senza. Till cup FF. There is also a red and black bedroom version. 
I adore vertical details on bras, they are amazingly flattering.

Georgia Lace from La Senza. Vertical detailing and lace. I´m in heaven. 
Oh wait, only till D cup, and from band size 32, so no chance for me.

Pleated Bandeau Lilac by La Senza, same sizing issues as above.
La Senza, are you listening ? I want size 28DD, please!

What are you drooling about right now ? Do share! Do you love vertical details on bras as much as I do ?


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