Lingerie To Suit Your Skintone

This little guide comes from Marks and Spencer:

   What do you think ?

   Clothes, especially tops, are chosen to flatter the face and hair, but it does make sense for underwear to work with the skintone since they are seen with a big expanse of skin. I also noticed that black lingerie tends to be modeled by blondes, and pastels by brunettes.

    Personally I have a mix of colours in my bra drawer: some reds, some blues and quite a lot of creams and pastels. And of course the necessary nude and black. I think that colour is not as important to me as the general aesthetics of the bra (cup type, cut, shape, pattern). And I never really thought about how the colour works with my skin or hair. Although instinctively I would never buy a bra in a colour I look terrible in (lime green, soul-sucking beige, mauve) because I have trained myself to ignore them when shopping.

   Oh, and I own the red bra on the bottom row, but have never worn it. It´s a push-up, and I feel weird in it.

   What do you think of the chart ? How do you choose your lingerie colours ? Do you like colours or do you stick to neutrals ? 

Photo via Marks and Spencers    

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