Back from Lechia

Guess where I have been...

A Krakow street

A Krakow street

Krakow Square

Krakow Square, pigeons

Here is a hint:


Lechia is one of the old names of Poland.
Flower wreaths are a part of the traditional dress for girls. Boys wear peacock feathers on square caps.

Krakow has adorable cafes on every corner:

Absynt Cafe, Kazimierz, Krakow

And lots of dragons. The legend of the maiden-devouring dragon appeared after some dinosaur bones were found there in the middle ages. There is even a dragon cave under the Krakow Castle!

Dragon rain pipe, Wawels Castle, Krakow

This is one of the best cafes in the world. Camelot. It's magical.
I sheltered there from a wicked storm that cut short my browsing at a nearby antique flea market.

camelot Cafe

Wroclaw has these little dwarves in random places. This one was at a former prison (now pub):

Skrzat wiezienny, Wroclaw

Colourful Old Town Square in Wroclaw:


I love it when kids get creative:

Leonardo Da Vinci's Cat

Kings and queens are buried in this chapel, along with several poets, national heroes and the infamous ex president. Under a cloistered courtyard nearby is one of the chakra stones of the earth. For a certain time there was an official "there is no chakra here" sign, now the place is marked only by people sitting with their eyes closed in a seemingly unremarkable corner.

Wawel Castle, Krakow


A church in Kazimierz, Krakow

An old wall was preserved and turned into a show window of a high-end store:

Old And New

I love how Polish people chill on their monuments and statues. And its not just kids, there will be students eating their lunch and some guy strumming a guitar.

The Poles love to sit on their statues

This whole chapel has been carved out of salt. Even the chandeliers are salt !

sacred salt
Photo by todd richter

    Apart from having the cutest cafes in the world, Poland has the advantage of still being very cheap as compared to west Europe. It also has a lot of it's nature intact: 1000 lakes or Europe's last ancient forest anyone ?

   Guess what I did apart from eating Zapiekanki and wandering in the little streets ? I got bra fitted. I'll tell all in the next post !

Photos by Eternal*Voyageur  

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