The Freya and Curvy Kate Pucker (Diagonal Wrinkle on the Cup)

The Freya pucker is a empty diagonal wrinkle that appears when the bra is incompatible with the breasts. Also seen on Curvy Kates. It's mainly an aesthetic problem and doesn't interfere with the fit.

     When I tried on Freya bras in a little store in Krakow, I expected them not to fit. (I am happy with the wider underwires of Panache.) I was surprised that the underwire did encircle the entire breast, but at the armpit there was a little roll of flesh, escaping from the top of the underwire. But the biggest sign that something was wrong was the Freya Pucker. A wrinkle or fold that started below the strap, and went downwards towards the sternum, along the diagonal the seam.
   I have tried to find a photo of the problem, but it was not easy. The best I got was this shot of Freya Rio.
   Can you see it ?

Here it is:

    The wrinkle is very small here, on me it was very big and long. I could have fit a lip gloss tube or two in there. Obviously on the above photo the stylists worked very hard to arrange the bra on the model to minimise the fold, but they didnt manage to hide it completely.

If anyone has a better photo of a more prominent wrinkle, please please send it to me !

    This pucker appears when the cup shape is incompatible with the breast, and has nothing to do with wearing the wrong cup or band size. It happens mostly in Freyas and curvy Kates that have a diagonal seam. This happens more often to small busted girls

Reasons for the Freya Pucker:

* The breasts need broader underwires: when the underwires are too narrow the cup is deep but narrow.The breasts cannot really go inside, like an orange into a glass.

* When the straps are attached too far apart, the shoulders pull them together, wrinkling the cups.
* Freya plunges are usually very high coverage so tear shaped breasts don't fill out the top while over-filling the bottom.

What to do:

* Tighten the straps and stand up straight. Sometimes this takes care of the problem.

* Try a different model. Often this wrinkle appears only in halfcups and not in plunges (or vice versa). Also, try something with straps that start more from the center and not from the sides.* Try a different brand. Preferably something with wider underwires.

* If the rest of the bra sits perfectly, and you really like this bra, you can try a bit of sewing: gather in a bit of the fabric to the underwires, under the armpit. Or open the diagonal seam on the cup. I'm a newbie at sewing, so I can't guide you with this one.

* You can also keep the bra if you don't mind the pucker. First, check how the rest of the cup looks. Sometimes the whole look might be distorted (rocket-shaped breasts), but often the rest of the cup sits perfectly and the breasts are round. In this case you can keep the bra if the pucker doesn't bother you --- but do test if the pucker shows under clothes.

  What have your experiences been with the cup pucker ? Does anyone have pics of a nice big one ? I so regret not taking any in Krakow!


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