Hyaluronan -- Super Moisturiser

My favourite humectant: uncomplicated, versatile and can be used with almost everything.

   Hyaluronan aka Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the skin and connective tissues, it provides elasticity and lubrication. The one in your cosmetics comes from bacterial fermentation (yeast), it is not from some old bones ;-) . Hyaluronan is used medically in lubricating joints, and cosmetically in injections for plumping lips and filling in wrinkles. It binds with water and holds it: one particle of Hyaluronan can bind with 200-500 particles of water making it one of the most hydrophilic substances in nature!

    Hyaluronan can be either High Molecular Weight which has particles that are too big to penetrate the Horny Layer of the skin; Low Molecular Weight which enters the top layer of the skin; or Super Low Molecular Weight which penetrates into the actual skin.

    As a cosmetic ingredient Hyaluronan:
* Keeps the skin moist, keeping it smooth, firm and elastic.
* Moisturizes away fine lines and wrinkle
* Non irritating way to stimulate hair growth
* Creates a film on the skin, giving it a silky feel.
* Prevents water from evaporating from the skin.
* Helps active ingredients enter the skin
* Doesn't block pores, doesnt iritate and is non-toxic.
* Smell / scent free
* Added to diy cosmetics, it makes consistency more sticky. Thickens the water phase.
* Is an emulsifier: helps water to mix with oil. Creams made that was are very stable (the water and oil don't separate).

How to use:
   Hyaluronan is extremely versatile and can be used in anything, when you want moisture or smoothness. Here are some ideas:
  • Add to creams and moisturisers
  • Mix with oil, 1:1
  • Add to Vit C serum to make it more smooth and slippery
  • Add to water phase of DIY cosmetics to thicken them and make them more moisturising
  • Add to shampoos, it encourages hair growth.
  • Add to hair products, it will make the hair smoother.
  • Add to eyelash serum
  • Mix with water and apply solo on face (great as a base). Dilute, don't use 100% other wise it is too sticky. (This method doesn't work for everyone, some find it gives a tight feeling to the skin).

   For the first time, try mixing a small amount with a single dose of product. If you like it, you can mix with the entire container.
    Sometimes it comes as a gel, mine comes as a powder that I have to mix with water. I think that most online DIY cosmetic stores carry Hyaluronan. Mine was from Hobbythek. I do find it a tad pricey, especially as compared with Urea which has similar effects. I totally need to compare the two, don't I ?

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