DIY Plumping Lip Scrub

   As I saw one of Lush's little lip scrub tins, I thought: I could DIY this, but better. I can mix sugar with oil myself, and I'd prefer to omit the artificial colours and flavours. I mean, for that price they should put a natural essential oil in it.
    This recipe isn't very original, but anyway here goes:

* Sugar. I prefer brown, but feel free to go for white if you want to colour it. I recommend sugar with finer granules.
* Oil. Jojoba is light, olive oil or wheat germ is moisturising. Please don't use vaseline!
* Cayenne pepper. Optional. This lightly irritates the lips and makes them plumper. Not recommended for everyday use, but great for special occasions. Don't try this on chapped lips!
* Essential oil. Optional. Best are the ones that have a nice taste as well -- vanilla, orange, mint, ones that you could use as food flavouring.
* Colours. Optional. DIY cosmetic stores usually sell skin-safe colours. You could probably use food colouring as well.
* A cute little jar to store the scrub in.

   Fill the jar with sugar. Add so much oil as to make a manageable mixture ("wet sugar", not soup!). Add a drop or two of essential oil and colouring and a tiny pinch of cayenne. Mix, and that's it !
    I don't know how long this keep, but when the oil starts to smell rancid you need to toss it.

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