How To Use A Cute Font For Your Post Titles

    I changed mine, seee ? ^

    For those of you on blogger, this is what I did:

   I used these instructions (pretty simple and you use fonts from Google so you don't have to upload anything anywhere).
     I wasn't happy with the small size of the font, so I copied a couple of lines from here to make it bigger and to get more padding.

For the tabs (page links below the banner), I found this part:

Group description="Tabs Text" selector=".tabs-outer .PageList">
     Variable name="tabs.font" description="Font" type="font"
         default="normal normal 20px 'Indie Flower', Georgia, Utopia, 'Palatino Linotype', Palatino, serif" value="normal normal 20px 'Indie Flower', Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif;"/>
As you can see, I simply pasted the name of my font (the same font) before all the other fonts. I did the same for the widget titles (all the stuff on the right).

    Hope that is useful to someone!

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