Related Posts Widget: I ditched Outbrain for Nrelate

   A long time back, when I was still on Xanga, I picked related posts by hand (yes, I'm a masochist). One of the reasons I moved to blogger was to get slaves widgets to do that kind of stuff for me. I searched around and found that Outbrain was the most recommended widget. I was pretty happy with it for some time, till I realised that the relevant posts it came up with were completely not relevant. After searching some more I found that lots of bloggers have moved on from Outreach to Nrelate. As a test, I installed the Nrelate widget while still keeping the Outreach one. Here is a sample of what I saw:

   Nrelate wins, hands down. Outbrain just comes up with totally random posts, and a lot of the time it is the same ones. Nrelate also has the option of choosing of how relevant you want the posts to be. Nice.

    Do you use a related posts widget in your blog ? Which one do you recommend?

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