Do Trinny and Susannah Wear Well-fitted Bras?

   Trinny and Susannah from What Not To Wear are huge advocates of getting bra-fitted for the correct size. But when I saw these photos on a bra-fitting forum I wasn't exactly blown away with the fit of their bras:

   From these examples I'm guessing Trinny is wearing too small cups and a too big band (hence the bra doesn't go all the way around the breasts and only works like a lid). Susannah seems to have a nicely snug band but the cups are a tad small. I haven't watched the show but someone who did said that T and S pop women into slightly smallish cups and then trill with delight about the cleavage line that goes all the way up to the neck.

   I did read "What Not To Wear" a couple of years back and I enjoyed the down-to earth guide. That was when I was reading everything I could on figure flattery in an effort to learn what looks good on me. The best tip I got from them is that there is no colours that you can't wear. If you think you look hideous in orange, try a warmer / cooler, brighter / muted, lighter / darker variation of it.
    Anyway, back to bras: has anyone actually watched "Undressing The Nation"? What did you think of the bra fitting advice? Do chime in in the comments section.

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