Ewa Michalak CH Onyx: Pushup / Assymetry Corrector -- A Review

Review of Ewa Michalak CH Onyx Black padded halfcup bra

    I desperately needed a black bra, so I ordered three from Ewa Michalak: CH OnyxHP Czarny and PL Retro. I had planned to keep only one, but for a whole week I couldn't pick a favourite. The Retro had the advantage of being a very low cut plunge, but I wasn't crazy about the nude base + black net cups. The Czarny was the prettiest, but a friend noticed that it made my breasts a little flatter (indeed, all the HP seem to hold the breasts closer to the chest while the CH bring them out). In the end I kept the Onyx. 
    Oh, on the photos: the white one was ordered for a friend. I used it as a model for the photos because it's not easy to photograph details on a black bra.

     I wanted to do a review because the Onyx is a multifunction bra: the straps are convertible and the cups have removable pads.

     First, about the pads: they go inside little pockets. They are meant to be used to either hide an asymmetry or as a push-up. For the asymmetry: depending on how much you have, you can put one or both pads inside one pocket. The great thing here is that the pads come in sizes matching the cup, so if you need a bigger cup the pads will be proportionally bigger.
       As a push-up bra, the pads give a very delicate push-up effect. I am a fan of it because I never wear the only real push-up bra I have -- I find the effect rather cheap-looking.


      I adore the fit of this bra: even without the pads it gently lifts the bust and creates an appetising décolletée. With the pads the effect is even more delicious. Also, this is one of the most comfortable bras I own -- it didn't need any breaking in. I am lusting after more Ewa Michalak bras in the CH cut. The photo of the model on the top shows the bra with the halter-neck strap, making the cups look like half-cups. With normal straps the top edges of the cups are horizontal, making this bra a true balcony -- a cut I find very flattering.

     And the looks? I'm a fan of the retro look and I find the vertical seams to be extremely flattering. The overall effect is, in my opinion, that of unfussy elegance. In my opinion the simple black buttons on the center gore of the black bra are much prettier than the sparkly ones on the white bra. However they can be easily removed if you don't like them. The inside of the bra is a nice soft cotton, the outside is a pretty satin with just the right amount of sheen. 

     The band of this bra is not very tight, but it is very stable so I didn't go down a band size. The band has four rows of hooks, so I don't think it will be getting too loose any time soon.

    About the straps: There are three kinds of straps: regular straps, a halter-neck strap and comfort straps. The comfort straps are interesting: they are broad without looking ugly, they are padded and they really are comfortable. I probably won't be using the halter-neck strap much because I don't have any clothes that need it. The top of the edge of the cup gapes slightly when I tried it on but that is a peculiarity of rather wide-set drop-shaped breasts.

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    Anyone else owns the Onyx ? (I know there is at least one of you, so don't be shy). What is your experience with it?

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