Some Sports Bra Recommendations


    After poring over long forum threads in the Bra Lobby, I present to you their most recommended sports bras. All these bras are available in quite a big size range. Everyone wants support and comfort while they work out; but other criteria like looks, the shape they give to the breasts, and drying time may not be equally important to everyone. Oh, do read my posts about fitting sports bras.

Avocado GrandPrix
    The most recommended sports bra on the Lobby.
    Avocado itself recommends Grandprix with underwires since it supports better and gives a better shape, although a version without underwires is available too. Someone on the Lobby did complain that the underwires escaped from the cups and fell on the floor. Some also state that the band is on the loose side, so you might consider going down a band size (and up a cup size, especially as they are slightly small). This doesn´t flatten the breasts so it gives a nice shape.

Royce sports bra:
    Has a very tight band and holds the breasts completely immoblie. Some have complained that it squashes them makes an uni-boob. The band is very tight and supportive, but leaves no space for a heart rate monitor. The cups are lined from within, so the seams don´t rub the nipples. It is pretty, and it can be worn as a sports top. The bra absorbs moisture easily, especially the band.
     Do remember that Royce has their own sizing system, so you might need a cup larger than what you normally take. The closure has a velcro on it, which attaches itself to everything, including the rest of it´s own band during washing. So you can´t throw it into the washing machine.

Shock Absorber
   Soaks in sweat, takes ages to dry after washing, and smears the breasts flat all over the ribcage. Pretty, can function as a sports top. The band is really tight, so go up a band size (simultaneously go down a cup size). Best models are Max Sports B4490 (very tight band, till G cup) and Run Bra B5044 for their support and shape. For smaller busts (till F) also Ball Sports 5046.

Freya Active
  Pretty ugly and cut very high. Gives really good support (I think this is because the top part of the cup is non-elastic). The underwired 4001 gives the breasts a nice shape (though rather wide-set), though the older 4002 model makes a mono-boob. Reader Ina60eorf loves her Freya Active Underwire.

Unno Sport
    The Barcelona model is the best, with good support and a comfortable band with space for a heart rate monitor. Tokyo is pretty good too, though the cups run small, the straps cannot be shortened very much, and is cut high (unsuitable for low-cut tops); on the positive side the shoulder straps are very comfortable. The Atlanta model gives no support but is a highly recommended sleeping bra (the cups are larger than standard).

    Do you have any of these? How do you like them? If you know of any other good sports bras?

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