Your Food Is Your Future Body

  We think of food as the fuel. But food it much more than that -- it´s also the building blocks of every part of our body. Did you know that at the rate that body cells are replaced with new ones, we get practically a new body every 7 years ?
   So... where does this whole new body come from? Yes, from everything that goes into our mouths. We are almost entirely made of food. Every time we put something into our mouths, we are constructing our body of the near future.

   Yes, your genes are important: they are the blueprint and food is the construction material. But they don´t determine everything and new research shows that food can actually switch genes on and off. Did you know that a very good nutrition can change eye colour, heal chronic problems and even change your moods and state of mind for the better ?
   Want good skin and hair, no cellulite, no dandruff ? The right food and pure water can do much much more than the best beauty product of the world.

The next time you eat, realise that it´s much more than fuel for the next few hours.

It´s your future body.

Do you really want to be made out of Red Bull and deep fried chicken nuggets ?

And no, you don´t need to much on celery sticks your whole life. Healthy food can be as delicious as this:

Raw cake by veggie-wedgie

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