Giving Back To Blogs You Love

    Sarah from Yes and Yes wrote an interesting post on supporting your favourite bloggers, on the occasion of Pay A Blogger Day. After reading that I decided to participate, to show appreciation to one of the many bloggers that have made my life a little bit better. To digress: I am a bit of a tightwad, probably due to the fact that I have had a limited budget all my (not very long) adult life. I am learning to open up a little, and let go of the feeling that the duty of helping others out belongs to those financially better-off than me. I donated something recently to help a friend go to India with Artists Without Borders, and thereby unknowingly entered her raffle. I won something wonderful, and it feels like the universe totally appreciated my small hesitant step. End of rather sappy explanation, back to appreciating bloggers.

      After reading Sarah's post, I wondered: how to decide on just one blog? Here is the criteria I chose:

* They can't be richer than me: if they are buying 200$ scarves and calling them cheap, they won't even notice my tip. Also, if they seem to be getting a pretty good income from their blog, I prefer to chose someone else who is clearly not loaded.
* The blog needs to be reaching out to the readers, teaching them something. As much as I like personal style blogs, I have greater respect for bloggers that create tutorials and write how-to guides, or share their knowledge on style / food / life / everything else.
* I must really love their blog and have read it for a while.

    So, one blogger got a little tip from me today. It's not much, but I hope it made her smile!

PS many bloggers sell great E-books and downloadables -- you could buy those and that way get something in return.

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