Do You Rotate Your Wardrobe Seasonally?


      Every time seasons change, I have a new wardrobe. At least it seems new to me, because I totally don´t remember my stuff if it´s not in plain sight ! Last week temperatures jumped from below zero to 15°c, and I almost jumped when I opened my spring stuff box -- it´s almost embarrassing how surprised I was to rediscover the nice stuff that I have.
    Unless you live in a place with one season all year round, I really really recommend rotating your wardrobe. That way your closet won´t be blocked by stuff you can´t wear for the next half year. With plenty of breathing space on your shelves and hangers, you won´t be overwhelmed by the amount of clothes you own. I mean, unless you can actually see and have easy access to everything that´s in there, you can´t make the best use of your wardrobe. Ok ok, those of you lucky enough to have a walk-in closet (sigh) can stop reading right here, and go and twirl in your *ahem* walk-in-closet. *shoo green monster !*
    Back to the topic of wardrobe rotation, keeping some stuff packed away some of the time is a good way not to get sick of it too soon. Trust me.
    Not everyone has the luxury of a dry cellar, an attic or a store room, but simply storing out-of-season stuff under the bed (or on the top shelf of the wardrobe) works as well. You´ll be amazed how much you can fit into a cardboard box, with a bit of folding. Stuff tightly packed up takes up way less space than when stored in a wardrobe.

   I use a three season system to rotate my wardrobe: I segregate my stuff into summer, winter and autumn + spring. I don´t care about spring or autumn palettes (I´m more focused on which colours flatter me and fit my dream style), so I don´t see the sense of separating autumn and spring stuff. For each category I have a big cardboard box, that I label.
   Jackets and other cover-ups have a separate box, since these often run ahead or lag behind the season change. For example spring is almost-but-not-quite there, I might wear winter outfits with a spring jacket. Or maybe I want to already wear my spring stuff, and use the winter jacket for colder evenings. Either way, I store out-of-season my cover-ups separate from other clothes.
   Shoes, and accessories like hats, scarves and gloves have their own boxes, for similar reasons to the cover-ups. I haven´t started rotating bags yet, but who knows, I might do that in the future.

   The only down side to rotating my wardrobe is that the weather doesn´t behave according to my plans and often changes it´s mind. Like when it´s warm enough to take out most of the summer stuff, but hmmm it´s still might get cool so I might need to keep the lighter spring stuff.... crap, isn´t space in the wardrobe for everything, so I can´t unpack the sleeveless stuff yet so that the lighter spring stuff can stay. And so on. You get the drift ?
   Still, since I never have to dig through a jam-packed closet, I guess it´s worth it. And did I mention that it´s almost like getting a brand new set of stuff every season ?

    Do you rotate your wardrobe ? Any tips for me ?

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