Drinking Yeast Quickens Hair Growth And Strengthens Nails

   A while back Anwena of the beautiful hair did a yeast-drinking experiment on her blog to test whether yeast really does make the hair grow faster (spoiler: yes it does, and has great side-effects too). She and her readers drank yeast for one month and reported back with the results. All of the 24 girls carefully measured the length on one strand of hair, and made 'before' photos.

Here are the results:


* The average hair growth reported was 2,5cm (in one month!). To compare, normal hair growth is approximately 1cm per month.
* Baby hair: many girls reported "new" hair
* Hair fall: slight improvement -- only 8 girls noticed less hair falling out.
* Hair looks better: stronger and shinier. Less oiliness on the scalp.


* Blemishes: most girls experienced skin detox that lasted from two days to even longer than two weeks.
* Better skin: Ten of the girls noticed that their skin visibly improved after the detox phase ended, others (8) didn't notice any improvement or felt their skin got worse. Girls that had the best results were ones with oily skin.

Other effects:

* Longer eyelashes were reported by some girls!
* Nails got stronger. More than half of the girls reported that their nails got harder and stopped splitting. Apparently minerals and vitamins go to all other parts of the body before they get to the nails, and they get to the hair at the very end.
* Yeast curbs sugar cravings. I personally noticed this too!

   The girls above drank yeast for only one month, this is quite a short time. It is possible that after several months more they would get different results. The effects / lack of them depend very much on the hair and skin type, and on dietary habits. If you lack the nutrients that yeast provide you might notice much more improvement than someone who is eating extremely healthy.

 Intrigued? Here are the instructions on how to drink yeast.

     Have you every tried taking yeast as a supplement? What results did you notice?

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