How To Drink Yeast For Hair Growth And Stronger Nails

   Intrigued by Anwen's hair growth experiment? Today I will tell you how to drink yeast for strong nails and hair that grows at light speed.

   Basically there are two things to it: the yeast must be "killed" by pouring boiling water over it, so that it doesn't continue to ferment inside us. And it must be made palatable, unless you happen to like the taste.

Which yeast to buy?

    There should be fresh yeast in every supermarket, usually in near the dairy section. You're looking for baking yeast, the kind that comes in little cubes. I suggest getting an organic brand if you can find it. Of course yeast supplements are available as well, but I firmly believe that the less processed it is, the more easily it will be absorbed by the body.

Now, to make it edible:

     Some people love the taste of yeast, and drink it just after pouring boiling water over them. Others can't stand the taste and need to disguise it. There are two approaches: sweet and savoury.
For the sweet method: add one or more of these to the yeast + boiling water: milk, honey (only to cooled water / milk), cocoa, cappuccino, mashed fruit, fruit jelly or any combination of these. The savoury method means: boiling water + vegetable stock / soup from a sachet.
You can even add yeast to your oats, muesli or whatever it is that you eat for breakfast. Basically you can be as creative as you like -- any way that you can eat them is the right way! If you have invented a delicious way to eat them, do share in the comments!


    You can eat 1/4th to 1/3rd of a cube, that's 25g to 33g every day. Store the rest in the fridge, and remember that it's very perishable! As with all supplements, it's a good idea to take breaks: after one month of yeast take a break of one to two months.

    So, who will be drinking yeast starting tomorrow? Or maybe you have taken yeast in the past? Know of any good ways to make them taste good?

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