Furoshiki: Eco Gift Wrap Using Scarves

Banned from Travel furoshiki wrap

    Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping stuff in fabric: gifts, school books, your lunch, you name it. It's actually very easy: all you need is a cute piece of cloth and your fingers. As a gift wrap, the Furoshiki is perfect: cute, eco and so practical. It also makes you look creative :)

    You can even make a cute purse from a scarf: a perfect skill when travelling or at the beach:
Click for instructions

Or a grocery bag. How adorable is this?

    Here is one of the many how-to Furoshiki videos online:

    I suggest buying cute scarves from a flea market or a set of pretty kitchen cloths (the latter are perfect for kitchen-themed gifts or food). The recipient can chose to keep the fabric or to pass it on by using it to wrap a gift for someone else. Of course, you'll need to tuck it a note with the instructions. The Japanese Govt put up a cute guide which is unfortunately not printer-friendly. Here is my improved version that prints well on a A4 sheet (click to see the big version):
Print out and slip into Furoshiki wrapped gifts!

   Since I discovered Furoshiki, I have been searching for scarves in flea markets and wrapping everything possible in them. I hope you have as much fun with them as I do!

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