Concealer For Dry Under Eye Skin

concealer for dry under eye skin

   I need your help with finding a natural concealer for my dry under eye skin! I have started wearing under eye concealers short time ago, when a friend showed me that they make me look fresher.
   I got a cream Lumiere concealer, and it took me a while to learn to apply it correctly (pat in a very small amount with the flat side of a brush). Still, the concealer ends up collecting in the little lines (my under eye area is crisscrossed with them), which also means I have to apply as thin a layer as possible. I'd love something that I can apply a bit more liberally without it caking! (BTW the concealer works amazingly on another friend with smooth under eye skin. Jealous!)

    Got any concealer recommendations for me? I'd like something non-toxic that won't break the bank. I'm also not above mixing my concealer with stuff. Or maybe it's my technique that's all wrong? Should I be applying something below the concealer?

    I'd love to hear what worked for you!

   FYI: my undereye skin is crisscrossed with lines (sign of dryness, I guess?). My under eye circles are not very heavy, they are kind of blueish. My skin tone is fair, slightly on the warm side.

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