Weekend Reads 07-01-2012

   How was your first week of 2012? Me and my guy are at the beginning of a 30-day gluten-free experiment. So far we have made a lot of delicious gluten-free food and feel great. I'm so excited to see the results at the end of the month! Hard to believe the holidays are almost over and next week I have to get back on the hamster wheel.
    Hope you guys have a good weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web...

The difference between emotional eating and real hunger was a huge eye opener for me. Also, emotional eating is not what we normally imagine it to be.

* Home: Which fantasy self are you decluttering?

* Beauty: Small notebook wrote two delightful posts on How to Care for Wavy Hair and Simplified Skin Care. I especially like the part where she DIYs Bobbi Brown's Face Oil and of course her dry skin moment.

*I love this Urban Poetry

* Jawdrop: This lady is 43 years old.

* Smarts: Do you know Smart Pretty Awkward?

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