Style Blogs You Need To Be Reading


    I love getting inside the heads and closets of the most stylish ladies, hoping that a little of their style will rub off on me. Fashion blogs are one of my biggest addictions, hopefully one that has paid off. I imagine that because of these ladies I am a bit better dressed, a tad more confident in my body, a mite more daring and experimental about my style.

    Here are the few that I have stayed loyal to over the years, the best of the best. I think they would make a great addition to your reading list:

You Look Fab

     I never thought that I'd care for a blog that writes about trends, but Angie does it with both feet firmly on the ground. Think of it as a fantastic guide to what's available in the stores right now, rather than a bucket of drool over runway collections. Angie breaks down current trends, discussing whether they are flattering and age/occasion appropriate; and dishes out practical advice on picking a piece that works for you. She also writes about colour, proportions and patterns and evolving your own style. Her own look is honed and drool-worthy, polished yet funky; and I love how her outfit posts break down how the pieces work together.

Garance Dore

    She is French, the better half of the Sartorialist and her blog addiction pure. She tantalises with gorgeous photographs which inevitably make me obsess about certain item (or the drop-dead-chicness of the women featured) for months. Garance also shares hilarious stories about her own quest for the drop-dead-chicness. In the mix are also delicious tidbits about the glittery people she moves between. In short -- delicieux. PS be sure to click on the english version!

Already Pretty

     Sal is a body-image warrior, a woman who established a relationship of peace with her body after years of disliking it. Her blog showcases her unique style which is somewhere between ladylike and rocker. She dishes unorthodox and practical fashion advice on everything from wearing black to buying boots; while at the same time encouraging women to develop a positive attitude to their body.

Wear About

    This is the only street style blog I subscribe to. Manou from India photographs not just the ubiquitous fashion people and stylish rich girls but also tramps and beggars, "people for whom fashion is so unnecessary that ironically they develop their own unique style — completely free of its dictates." All this he presents in a gorgeous potpourri which somehow manages to capture the taste and soul of India more than any other blog.

The Space Between My Peers

      It's been neglected as of late, but the archives contain a lot of down-to-earth advice about proportions, colour-combos and the like. Check out the Friday Labs: I modelled for a belt lab.

Independent Fashion Bloggers

    It's a community of, well, independent fashion bloggers. Their weekly Links à la Mode features some of the most interesting posts on style, fashion and body image.

Charade Style

    It's more of a lifestyle blog than a fashion one, but Megan´s dream style series, fashion on a budget and how-tos have inspired me no end.

Other blogs that have inspired me:

   Zoetica Ebb, Nubby Twiglet, Doe Deere and Gala Darling -- all four have daringly far-out aesthetic and totally reinvent their look every while or so. Although my own style is nowhere close to any of them, they have motivated me to be more courageous in my own dressing. Also Wardrobe Remix, Lookbook (though often just too pretentious for my taste), and the wonderful Stylebytes (RIP).

   Still not satisfied? Check out the 99 most influential fashion & beauty blogs.

     You have probably noticed that I don't care much about blogs on designers and trends, nor do I manage to follow a personal style blog for more than a couple of months. Any blogs / sites you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments! Also, hands up if you recognise the lovely blogger from the top image!

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