Weekend Reads 14-01-2012

   Hello everyone, hope you're having a lovely day. I'm pretty much fed up of the winter and sooo homesick for spring (which I know will surprise me one fine day when I'm wearing my thickest winter coat and am annoyed that I feel hot). Anyway, here are the lovely links for this week. Pssst! Stay tuned, there will be a giveway this week!

* DIY: Make hard lotion. I will make this for my next trip!

* Beauty: Curve Appeal

* Fitness: Gym-Going for the Awkward Woman

* You:  5 Secrets to Being a Super Fun Mom

* Resolution: avoid new gear

* Bra: should you use a special lingerie wash for your bras? Hourglassy tested it out and says no.

* Tip: you should install the "turn out the lights" add-on for chrome or firefox. It makes watching videos so much better!

I'm obsessed with this song, not in the least because of the spookily beautiful video:

Check these out: