Weekend Reads 04-02-2012

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I almost froze as bitterly cold temperatures hit the town without warning. I also at illegal amounts of chocolate. And you?

     So,here is some fantastic reading to tide you over till Monday:

* Bras: Have you spotted the adorable Fraulein Annie bras on Figleaves? There is a lovely interview with their creator Frauke Nagel, on Full Figured Chest.

* More bras: 10 Rules of Bra Alterations

* Life: Focus on fun is spot on! I plan to do something fun every day this February.

* Style: Rookie Mag raves about slips. I love satin ones best!

* Life: scary, isn't it?

* Brain: Introvert? More like Introjerk: How to Live in Harmony with Your Contra-Vert is deliciously funny and spot on.

* Style: What happens when you are totally disappointed with your shopping styleYou plan, and you make shopping rules, that's what. These two posts influenced me tremendously.

* Stand up for your rights: next Saturday is the day of international anti-ACTA protests. ACTA is not the European SOPA, it is global!  Please consider joining demonstrations, signing the petition and share this info. The internet as we know it is at the brink of destruction. Do sign the petition, or this one if you are in the EU. Please take six minutes to watch this video:

Why you should be worried about ACTA 

Check these out: