Which Hair-Do To Sleep In Is Right For You?

best hairstyle for sleeping

   Ever wondered which hairstyle is best for your hair when sleeping ? Should you leave it open or put it into a ponytail ? Or a braid? I struggled with this question for many years.

   Here is a short overview sleeping hairstyles, tried and tested:

Loose Hair

Pros: comfortable (for some). Have heard it helps with an oily scalp.
Cons: hair can tangle, curls can get squashed.
   Sleeping with your hair open is ok if you don't toss around too much. Some curly-headed girls have perfected the art of sleeping with their hair hanging off the bed -- this way the curls stay pretty.


Pros: hair doesn't get tangled
Cons: takes longer to make, might cause frizz in very curly hair
    You can get braid waves the next day, which may be a pro or a con for you. Great for very long hair.


Pros: Hair doesn't tangle
Cons: Hair gets squashed.
   Best for straight hair that doesn't lose its shape. Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping with a bun. Great for very long hair.

Low ponytail

Pros: hair gets less tangled, is out of the way. Comfortable.
Cons: ummm... doesn't protect from tangling as much as a braid, and offers no root lift?
    Easy and no-nonsense, though without any special advantages. Best for medium length hair.

High ponytail aka the pineapple

Pros: volume and lift at the roots. Also: curls don't squash so much
Cons: roots can ache after the first night.
    Great for anyone wanting volume at the roots, and hair with curl or wave. A variation of the pineapple is to loosely clip your hair on top of your head with a big grip.


Pros: great for layered hair that doesn't want to stay in braids or pony tails. Fantastic for when you have to sleep with wet hair.
Cons: hard to find one that doesn't slip off and doesn't look silly

     Try to find a satin sleep cap since satin is one of the most hair-friendly materials out there. To prevent the elastic making an imprint on your forehead, fold the whole edge back all the way around. Some cuter styles can be found on Etsy. A scarf also works for some girls.


  • Use a scrunchie instead of an elastic to tie up your hair, since it damages the hair less. 
  • Get a satin pillowcase, your skin and hair will thank you.

     What do you do with your hair when you sleep? How do you keep it looking nice for the next day?

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