Konjac Cleansing Sponge

my konjac sponge

   Hey everyone, I present to you an interesting little beauty accessory: the Konjac sponge puff. It's a root of a vegetable, and it comes from east asia. It's a great little face cleansing tool.

   I had to get my paws on a Konjac after I read that a beauty blogger prefers it to her microfiber cloths. As you know, I love my microfibre cloths, so a test of the Konjac was in order.

     The Konjac sponge looks white and cute. It's soft and slippery when wet, and rock hard when it dries. It's very pleasant to use: it massages the skin while cleansing, it's a very pleasant sensation. It glides over the skin, and it's gentle enough for skin with fragile capillaries. It's perfect for those who need gentle exfoliation -- whether for scrub-free days (you shouldn't be using scrubs more often than twice a week) or for skin too sensitive for scrubs. The sponge can be used for cleaning babies too. It's completely natural, compostable and eco-friendly.

        The Konjac sponge hasn't replaced my microfiber cloths. While it's great for cleansing bare skin, it's not meant to remove makeup. So it's microfible cloth soaked in oil for the evening cleansing. I use the Konjac sponge in the morning, using it to cleanse my face with orange water -- it removes dead skin flakes (I get a lot of them) and I like the gentle massage.

      As for the care of the sponge: I wash mine in hot water, I hear you can boil them if you want to disinfect it. I like the string that goes through mine: I can hang it behind my mirror and it dries fast.

     Final verdict: it's a great little cleansing tool, but by no means a must-have.

    I got my Konjac sponge from Kiko, which happens to have a store in my town, and it set me back by 5,90 €. From what I've heard the ones from Konjac Sponge Company are the best -- and they have some with added charcoal or clay.

     Have you every tried the Konjac sponge? Does anyone have one with clay or charcoal? Also, got any tricks for exfoliating sensitive skin?

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