Wear Nude Bras Under White Tops, Not White Bras!

As tested by Boux Avenue.

    Here is a little public service announcement for the summer: if you are wearing a white top or dress, wear a skin-coloured bra underneath. Not white. Certainly not black. Unless you are going clubbing and want to make a statement. But not as an everyday look, please.
    Take a look at the image on the top of the page: the nude bra clearly wins with the white one. If you have a darker skin tone, you might be interested for the "What's Your Nude" campaign,who are pushing for more brown bras.

    A white bra under a white top screams "look, here are my boobs, look at them won't ya?". At best, it looks careless and sloppy.

look at my boobs!


A white shirt + black bra look 'dressed in the dark' at best, and slutty at worst:

dressed in the dark

     A nude bra stays invisible and brings attention to your figure, not to itself.

     If you haven't got one already, a low-cut nude bra is the best investment for the summer. I suggest getting a plunge to wear with deeper necklines, and a strapless for strapless or strappy stuff. Personally I have a Gossard superboost plunge (unfortunately not produced anymore), and the Ewa Michalak Toffik strapless which is quite pretty and very very supportive.
    Panache, Fantasie, Freya and Ewa Michalak each offeer several different styles of nude bras. If you prefer broader underwires, Panache Porcelain Strapless is probably the best bang for your buck: it is a plunge a strapless (with re-attachable straps) and smoothing! And it's pretty supportive.

     If you are wearing, say, a white top and a black skirt, you should wear a nude bra and black panties. And vice-versa. Which brings me to: every woman should own one of those seamless nude-coloured knickers. If you have even a trace of suspicion that your undies might be visible through your skirt or trousers, change into the 'invisible' pair asap.

     Do you own a nude bra? Any special model you'd like to recommend? What crosses your mind when you see someone wearing a white bra under a black top (or vice versa)?

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