A Small Warning About Pore Minimizing Products

A Small Warning About Pore Minimizing Products

    Pore cleansing and minimising are a big topic for me since my genes threaten to make my nose look like these pretty fruit above. While browsing through products that promise to diminish pores, I found that there are generally two kinds of them: those based on silicones and those based on salicylic acid.

     If you have been reading Venusian*Glow for a while, you´ll know my distaste for silicones in skin care. In short: silicones might temporarily smooth over your pores, but long-term they might block your pores. Silicones don´t moisturise or nourish the skin, and might even form a film on the skin that prevents other beneficial ingredients from getting to your skin. In short, silicone is a faker ingredient.
     Salicylic Acid (aka BHA) does actually unblock pores and is anti-inflammatory. Pore-minimising products that contain salicylic acid are actually effective, and also do other things like evening out the skin tone (obviously, this also depends of how much salicylic acid is in the product). The caveat is that salicylic acid makes the skin sensitive to UV rays, so a good sunscreen is a must -- unless you want to get skin discolourations.

     Of course there are pore minimizing products based on other ingredients. I will be trying out some stuff soon, and of course I´ll share the results with you. Stay tuned!

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