Crocodile Clips: The Most Underrated Hair Accessory

Crocodile Clips: The Most Underrated Hair Accessory
    This sentence that I read somewhere changed my thinking about crocodile clips: "they will hold even very long hair, if you use it right." This really works: don't try to grab all of the hair at once, just coil it up and pin a not-too-thick part. This is one of the many possibilities.
     Since then I have grown addicted to my crocodile clip, and almost always have one on me -- either on my head, or on the strap of my handbag.

     Here is what I use my crocodile clip for:

* A half-ponytail-- my favourite hairdo
* Wearing my hair up
* Pinning my hair on top of my head for when I want to wake up with curls
* Pinning freshly washed hair on my crown in a big "pouf" for a root lift as it dries
* Pinning sections of hair I'm not working on out of the way, when making a more elaborate updo

     How to choose a crocodile clip:

* The best ones have teeth, that gives them a much better grip than the toothless ones.
* I prefer plastic to metal, I feel that the metal ones grip too tightly and may break the hair.
* Smooth crocodile clips are best for everyday use, since any kind of embellishment may snag hair.

    Do you like crocodile clips? Or do they have a different name in your country? Do you match yours with your hair colour? I do.

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