Beauty Recipe: Horsetail Skin & Nails Cocktail

      Horsetail is a little wild herb that looks like something from the Jurassic age. It is full of goodness for the skin and nails: silicic acid, potassium, aluminum salts, and calcium. I will share a skin and nails herbal cocktail from horsetail that is easy to make; and is a great way to get that extra bit of minerals (remember my thoughts on supplementation?). Plus, its raw -- so you get the maximum goodness that this little plant offers.

    I learned to make this drink from a guy at a raw food festival. He drinks it regularly, and I must say his skin looked great -- he turned out to be fifteen years older than I expected him to be! He told me that drinking the raw horsetail potion keeps wrinkles away.

    Before I start, a disclaimer: do not use horsetail if pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, have hypokalemia or potassium deficiency, kidney or heart problems, and please inform yourself about any other counter-indications as well as how it may interact with any medicaments that you may be taking. Like most herbs, horsetail should not be taken non-stop for a long period of time.

horsetail herbal drink for skin

    How to make a horsetail skin and nails cocktail:

* You will need: horsetail, lemon juice, water and stevia. Horsetail grows wild in most parts of the world except australasia. It is best when young (light green), before it has flowered.

* Throw the whole stalks into a blender with water, blend really well.

* Pour through a sieve to get rid of the hard fibres.

* Add lemon juice and stevia to taste.

* Drink up!

    The taste of the raw horsetail cocktail is rather grassy, but not bitter. Actually most of the flavour comes from the stevia and lemon juice, and the whole is quite refreshing.

   Have you every tried horsetail in any form? What are your favourite foods for hair and nails?

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