How To Accept And Love Your Small Breasts


    I am writing this post for all small chested girls who don't like their breast size, who wish for bigger boobs, or who feel insecure because of their chest. I was one of you, once upon a time.
   At 28DD, I consider myself small-busted. Before my pregnancies, I was even more small-busted -- around a 28B cup, though I don't know for sure (I wore random made-in-china bras). I used to have major insecurities regarding my cup size and felt that real women have, well, more in the front. What cured me? Pregnancies where I went through at least 6 cups of growth and almost all the way back down; a proper bra fitting, and a dose of self-acceptance.
  Here are my best tips which will help you not only like what's on your chest, but also make the most of it:

Realise that the "perfect breast size" is a big lie

   The media tends to idealise a certain breast size and shape (which changes over the decades) and creates the idea that that is what every woman should have. But it's all untrue. There is no perfect waist size, perfect shoe size, perfect eyebrow shape, perfect leg length or perfect cup size. Beauty comes in a big variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Realise you probably have no idea what real breasts look like

   How many naked breasts have you seen? Ok, how many breasts have you seen outside of the media -- breasts that were not "cast", posed and photoshopped? Many women can count those on the fingers of one hand. Since we don't have bath houses or other places where women can see what other real women look like, here is the real breast gallery. Browsing through it for a few minutes might change your perception of what a normal female breast looks like.

Small-chested is a beautiful body type

    Stop thinking of small boobs as a defect attached to your body. Small-boobed bodies are harmonious wholes. Small-chested bodies may be delicate, athletic, dainty, boyish, fragile, lean, slim, strong, "supermodel" and everything in between. There are tons of drop-dead gorgeous women with great figures like Kate Moss, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett; whose small boobs are a part of their beauty.

Small-chested women can be feminine as hell

    Feminity is not about the size (just like masculinity isn't about size). Eva Longoria, Milla Jovovich, Gwen Stefani are just a couple of small-busted celebs that ooze feminity and sensuality. If you have fears about not being feminine enough, realise it's all in your head! Feminity isn't determined by the size of our tits.

You can rock clothes that bigger-chested women can't

     You don't have to worry about low-cut tops looking slutty, or have issues with shirt buttons gaping. Also, a lot of clothes produced these days seems to be made for small-chested women. Celebrate that! Remember Keira Knighley's iconic green backless dress from Atonement? Only a small-chested woman could have pulled that off.

Men have different tastes

    Do you have any idea how much small-boobed porn is out there? Yes, many men get turned on by small ta-tas, while others prefer other sizes; just like some prefer blondes and other brunettes and other redheads and yet others don't care about hair colour at all. Guys that haven't been totally brainwashed by the media have a wide palette of tastes. Oh, and some men don't care about boobs at all, they look at the butt, legs or eyes. So, dear small-boobed girls, you are as sexy and desirable as your bigger-bosomed sisters.

A bra-fitting can do wonders

     Because the wrong bra size might be uncomfortable, make your breasts even smaller, cause armpit rolls, and generally distort the shape. Oh, and they make the whole figure look worse. Here are photos of my bra size metamorphosis. Finding out your correct bra size is easy: here is how.

Celebrate your body and breast type

    Buy clothes that make you smile to the mirror. Wear gorgeous bras every day (in your real bra size, of course). Buy them from brands that acknowledge that breasts come in many many different sizes. Don't forget to re-measure regularly. Don't allow anyone, whether male or female, try to tell you that some breast sizes are less beautiful than others. Moisturise your breasts often. Wear really low-cut tops once in a while. You get only one body, love it.

  Remember: being small-chested has never prevented a woman from being beautiful, sexy, stylish, seductive. Unless she lets it mess with her head.

    I'm sure I've only touched the tip of the iceberg here -- what are the other reasons that small boobs rock? What is your own relationship to your breast size? And your tips for learning to love it?

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