Weekend Reads 09-06-2012

Advice from a tree

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? In summer my town comes alive, so I had so many fun things to chose from. I ended up goin to a Persian festival, an anti-ACTA protest (of course) and lazing around in my lovely garden. Oh, and making a bonfire, which unfortunately ended up in us grabbing all our stuff and running away from the rain! I hope your week was lovely as well.
    Here is some lovely stuff I read during the week and though you would like:

* Style: Here is a great guide to choosing glasses, with great advice like: "If you search the Interwebs, you will find a lot of conflicting information on how to choose the right color frames for your complexion, so here is my opinion: The color of your frames should bring out your best facial feature."

* DIY: Pimp your wallet

* Wisdom: Apathy vs acceptence

*Nails: A basic guide to painting your nails. Finally I found out how to avoid painting my cuticles.

* Body: How to highlight your assets

* Food: Zoetica´s blender recipes

Check these out: