Doing My Makeup Instead Of Studying: On Feminism And Beauty

On Beauty And Feminism

    So some days back I was badly prepared for class. I still had an extra half hour before I had to leave for my University. So did I spend it reviewing my notes? No, I spent it picking out an outfit, and doing my hair and makeup.
    This kind of stuff makes me hesitate to call myself a feminist, even though I share their ideals. If I do believe that being smart is more important than looks, why did I choose to pay extra attention to my looks at the expense of my knowledge?
    I often hear "emancipated" women saying that they take care of their appearance for themselves and not for other people, that looking good makes them feel happier and more confident. But why should clothes and makeup have such an influence on the way women feel about themselves? Isn't it because women are told that being desirable is the most important thing?
    Here is a small test: name 5 female models, or celebs. Now, name 5 female Nobel Prize winners.
So, how many female Nobel Prize winners could you name? This test isn't about how much you care about science -- it's about what society (especially the media) thinks about pretty women and smart women.
    Here is another thought: if you are pretty / pulled-together / well-dressed, everyone who looks at you can immediately see it. If you are amazingly well-read / genius at maths / have multiple degrees, only the people who find ou are the ones who actually get to know you. So, doesn't this excessive focus on looks have something to do with how superficial and "external" the western society is?

    As a beauty blogger, this leaves me a bit confused sometimes. Sure, I like beauty, makeup, clothes. But I'm concerned that often they are higher up on my priorities list than they deserve.
   And it's not just about ideology or personal values. I doubt my professor noticed what I was wearing, and he would be way more impressed if I had prepared better for class; and I would get better grades for the  semester, which would ultimately increase my chances of landing a job at my university. Yet I chose to do my makeup.

  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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