Weekend Reads 28-07-2012

      Hi everyone, how's life? I am really enjoying the heat (finally!). Nothing beats walking the streets at night with friends and take-away cocktails, because it's just to hot to be indoors. Also, the holidays are around the corner, so yay!

   Here are some lovely links to persue:

* Style: How To Do Scarves In Summer

* Something from a supportive blogger (the beheld, charade, fullerfiguerfullerbust)

* Life: Where Motivation Ends and Discipline Begins

* Bra DIY: How To Make A High-Cut Bra Lower-Cut

* Movies: The Wachowski brothers just made a new movie, and it looks awesome.

* Bra and Bikini: The Ewa Michalak Toffik reviewed, includes tips on ordering from them and how to get your paws on their secret bikinis.

Is this the future? Fun little short film:

Check these out: