Why You Should Not Wear The Same Bra For Two Days In A Row

Why You Should Not Wear The Same Bra For Two Days In A Row

   There are two reasons why you should be rotating between at least two bras -- and even wearing a different bra to bed*:

Bra bands need time to rest

    I've asked a couple of seamstresses and they confirm this theory -- elastic on an item worn all day is looser than the elastic on an item that has not been worn a couple of days. It takes time for elastic to recover from being stretched all day long. So to keep your bras 'alive' longer, you need to give them at least a day of rest between wears.

Rotating between pressed points

    Even the best fitting bra does press on the skin a bit, and every different bra has different pressure and rubbing points. As long as you are rotating between bras, this doesn't cause discomfort (unless you have really sensitive skin. Or a badly fitted bra). If you wear the same bra for days in a row, chances are your skin will not like it. If you sleep in a bra, I recommend switching to and older, looser one for the night.

    If you live in a hot, humid climate you might be washing your bras after each wear anyway. However for those of us with cold weather, the temptation to not change out of a bra may be higher. Do you have personal rules for switching between bras?

* Sleeping in a bra is good for your breasts. Since I've written this post, several women of an advaced age have written to let me know it really keeps the breasts in great shape.

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