Tips For Smoother Underarms


   So summer is armpit season. Here are some great tips for prettier underarms:

* If you shave with a razor, don't forget to use something to lubricate -- this will prevent the blades from scratching the skin. I'm a fan of using oil, oil-based soap or a natural hair conditioner over a women's shaving product -- they work just as well and contain fewer crappy chemicals.

* If your depilation method isn't working for you, try out all the other ones. There is shaving with a razor or with an electric shaver, cold wax, hot wax, tweezing, sugaring and epilating... am I forgetting anything? Many women use a different method for removing underarm hair than they use for their legs.

* Exfoliate your armpits once or twice a week. Be gentle, the skin on the armpits isn't as tough as the skin on the rest of your body. A microfibre or muslin cloth works well for this, as do gentle scrubs.

* Moisturise your armpits regularly. The best time to do this is when going to bed, so that you don't have to worry about your deodorant fighting with the moisturiser. If your pits are very dry and flakey, try Skin Food from Weleda -- it's very soothing and healing. Of course, oils work too!

* When shaving or epilating, always pull the skin taut, shave lightly and move in different directions. Keeping the skin taut and not pressing with the razor/epilator prevents the skin from getting irritated. Armpit hair grows in several different directions, so you need to shave/epilate  in all directions if you want to get all the hair.

* Always buy razors with that moisturising strip above the blades. It makes the head of the razor glide instead of rubbing on the skin. Also, since we are on the topic, I believe that "women's " razors is all a big sham. The men's stuff is just as good and usually cheaper.

* Don't shave every day unless you really have to -- a cooler days when you can wear sleeves or a day you spend at home are good occasions for skipping a day of shaving. With waxing and epilating the skin gets a bit of time to recuperate, but daily shaving can be hard on the skin.

* Take a peek at what's in your deodorant. Alcohol, baking soda and perfume may irritate the underarm skin and dry it out, especially if it is already dry and sensitive. I favour natural deodorants, my favourite being the crystal deodorant.

* Remember that armpits in magazines get treated with makeup and photoshop -- most real women have some bumps and spots there! So don't let imperfect armpit skin stop you from lifting up your arms for whatever reason!

      I'd like to add that I don't consider it a must for every woman to remove underarm hair; it should be a personal choice.
         What are your best tips for smooth underarms? How do you epilate the hair there?

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