Weekend Reads 12-08-2012


      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I had a picnic in the woods, watched a meteor showe and caught up with friends. And now I'm packing for a short trip -- I actually love packing!
      Here is some fun and some useful stuff for you:

* DIY: barefoot sandal and shoe enhancer

* Bras: The Lingerie Addict has a roundup of sports bras that come in a big size range.

* Beauty: A sweet little lipstick trick.

* Funny: spidercan

* Photography: A great post on natural light!

* Bra blog of the week: Criss of Red Hair and Girly Flair writes about her amazing weight loss, her Star In A Bra experience (she won second prize), body image and more. Check her blog out!

One of the most interesting videos I have seen this year. Watch out for the hidden symbols:

Check these out: